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Aholanraitti – High quality holiday houses in Finland

At Aholanraitti you can rent high quality, high equipped holiday houses year around. Located by the Lake Päijänne in the hearth of Central Finland. Welcome to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the peaceful lake environment anytime!

Aholanraitti is located in the central area of Finland, in the middle of the area of thousand lakes. The houses are located just few tens of meters away from Lake Päijänne, which is the second biggest lake in Finland.

We have all together three holiday houses to rent. They are all very well equipped with electricity, refrigerator, small freezer, electric stove, microwave oven, shower and indoor toilet. However the saunas are heated by wood, for to maximize the most enjoyable Finnish sauna experience.

In all the houses there is also a fireplace for to enjoy the soft warm of wood.

Please look some pictures of all the cottages at following pages:




Birches and the lake, Finnish nature at its best

How to reach Aholanraitti

You can best reach us by car. We are located about 240 kilometers (appr. 2,5 hours) away from Helsinki, 150 kilometers from Tampere and 50 kilometers from Jyväskylä.

Activities at Aholanraitti and surroundings

At Aholanraitti you can enjoy the Finnish nature and a peaceful holiday at their best. In the surroundings of Aholanraitti you can go walking or hiking in the forest or paddling, rowing and fishing at the lake.  At summertime it is also enough to do for a holiday just by enjoying sauna and swimming in the lake. And listening the birds to sing.

About 7 kilometres away from Aholanraitti there is Vaarunvuori natural hiking path, where you can see the variousity of Finnish nature by walking the four kilometres long path.

The most beautiful scene at Vaarunvuori natural hiking path.

There is also a national treasure park Leivonmäki close by Aholanraitti (45 kilometres towards Joutsa).


By car you can also reach several activities around Jyväskylä area (50 km). There is Alvar Aalto museum for culture geeks, Riihivuori and Laajavuori alpine skiing resorts and a swimming hall for sports enthusiasts. In Jyväskylä you can enjoy the city scene with shopping, restaurants, cafes, bars and all other urban activities.

In Jämsä (60 km) there is also Himos, the biggest skiing and alpine skiing resort in southern and central Finland.


The prices cover all the three holiday houses:

A day: 100 €

Weekend: (Friday-Sunday) 150 € per day

Week: 500 €

Additional fee for animals: 10 €/day or 50 €/week

Cleaning of the house if needed: 50 €

Contact us

You can reach us with following contact information or by a form below.

Warmly welcome to Aholanraitti, we would love to see you here soon!

Martti and Paula Nurminen

Aholanraitti 45

41870 Putkilahti

e-mail: martti.nurminen(at)

tel: +358-40 589 9597